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Our partners

Our partners have understood something others have overlooked. They are proud to contribute to a sport with a big WOW factor. And we are honored to have them on our team

Contact to find out why Kjuus-Racing is the best road racing team to collaborate with in Norway and Scandinavia, and what a collaboration has to offer.


At Edge IT, you get end-to-end solutions, and access to a comprehensive solution portfolio to cover the company's infrastructure needs.


They have solid expertise in the portfolio of Dell Technologies.

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Aware Moto improves the motorcycling experience by allowing motorcyclists to add smart features to their bikes.


They are independent, and there all about supporting the individual motorcyclist in their quest for the ultimate experience.


Holy Riders


Holy Riders and the school ship Gann arrange trips to the Isle of Man. The first trip was in 2015. This contributes to many Norwegian motorcycle fans on the isle of man. And it is motivating to see Norwegian flags along the route.

                                 Thank you

Holy Riders MC (HR) is a Christian motorcycle club that was founded in 1981. The club aims to spread the gospel of Jesus to everyone in motorcycle circles. The club has approx. 400 members, and is among Norway's largest motorcycle clubs.

4 Ever RR

4 Ever RR is a perfect option for accommodation in connection with a visit to the Isle of man. With pleasant and helpful staff. A good starting point for exploring the island.


Your buisness

We have room for more, and would like to hear about your business, and your ideas. Get in touch and we will find out what we can do for each other.

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