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Kjuus-Racing is a Norwegian road racing team run by Erik Kjuus. And has been part of the Norwegian racing community since 1999. And expanded with International efforts in 2015, then with participation in the Manx GP on the Isle of Man. And since then, it is this type of racing that is the main focus.



Sporting goals over the next few years are an increased effort on real road racing. In races like IOM TT, ManxGP,  NW200, IRRC, etc ..


Based on the Race Team, we will create a "club" that apeals to children, young people and adults. Especially for those who are struggeling. The club will be a place where young people in vulnerable environments and conditions can establish unity with young people and adults in stable and safe conditions. It is extremely important to get children and young adults into a good environment early. Here we will have a greater opportunity to "capture" rootless youth, as we have something new modern and "cool" activity to offer. There is a total lack of similar offers in the local area. In order to create a good and solid offer like this, financial contributions are needed.

Feel free to contact us if you want to contribute, either as a sponsor or user of the club.

At the same time as we aspire to create a motorsport acrivity, where everyone from 5 years and up will be able to participate in motorcycle sports. We will also hold courses and lectures on topics such as maintenance, focus and safety on the road, etc.



Erik Kjuus can be booked to give a lecture about his experiences from participating in races on the Isle of Man.

Here you get to learn about Isle of Man racing. Mixed with a good dose of entertainment and humor. And you also get an insight into the most tragic and vulnerable moments that can occur in this type of race.
This is done largely free of charge, only expecting travel expenses to be covered.

Contact us for booking and any other questions.

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