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Some people do extreme sports.

This becomes a mild term in relation to this activity.

A story about the "Unusual" everyday man. A story about setting goals and achieving dreams. A story that is distant for most People. Something new and exciting with lots of emotions and reactions.


Here you get access to the inside of absolute madness, at the same time strong ties to the normal, everyday and vulnerable. Only a handful of Norwegians have tried this before, but this is the first time someone is going all in. An athlete who has a lot to give, sportingly and privately. An athlete who sets thoughts in motion, and inspires.


A racer who makes the audience and fans cross their fingers, some even pray to God, literally.


What is Roadracing 

And what is so  appealing whit Isle of Man

An island between England and Ireland, a separate state, the world's toughest and roughest motorsport event. Forget Formula 1, Dakar Rally and everything else. This is the most extreme thing you can do in motorsport. It is a street race on a stretch of road over 60 km, 220-250 turns and a race goes over 4-6 laps depending on classes you race in. This extends over mountains through town and countryside with 170-210 kmt on average. Huge amounts of challenges  such as jumps, humps, stone fences, lampposts, manhole covers, curbs and so on. It must be experienced in order to be understood.

Isle of Man TT synonymous with motorcycle, speed, excitement and death for millions of people. Safety zones are a bonus here. If you make a mistake, you can end up in a stone fence, house, outside a mountainside or similar. The consequences are enormous. There is no room for error. The speed is extremely high, over 300 km at most. And with an average speed of 200 + km h.

IOM is also more than racing. You can experience old trains, trams and horse-drawn carriages, castles, viking museums, landscapes and people. Millions of people have this on their bucket list.


How is all this possible? This has been going on for over 100 years and no one on the island remembers a time without it. The origin is that there were no speed limits on the island, and in some places it still is no speed limit today. The IOM state is the organizer. Large parts of the country's economy are rooted in the races. This is in the people's soul. 


One of the unique things is the proximity to racing. In theory, you can tuch a rider who is racing at 300 ++ (this is certainly not recommended) and the riders are easy to get in touch with.
It is basically a 2 week party with motoscycle meeting that experience an extreme motorcycle race up close. It is arranged twice a year for 2 weeks at a time. TT in the transition May-June and manx GP 9 days at the end of August. TT and manx are virtually the same thing. There is a higher levle of poffesonalyty in TT, and at Manx you can experiense bikes from older days.

 This is a "Mecca" for bikers and everyone has a mandatory pilgrimage to do there.


Erik Kjuus can be booked to give a lecture about his experiences from participating in races on the Isle of Man.

Here you get to learn about Isle of Man racing. Mixed with a good dose of entertainment and humor. And you also get an insight into the most tragic and vulnerable moments that can occur in this type of race.

Contact us for booking and any other questions.

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