About us

who we are, what we do?


The people in Kjuus-Racing

    Team rider and founder

          Erik Kjuus



         Krister Myrseth

         Heike Grønslet


         Elin Molander

      (Molander Photo)

Our social goals and dreams

   The purpose of the team is to be an opportunity for those who have fallen outside in society.
   With motorsport and the workshop club we will give basic work training to those who need it.
   With the club and the team provide social training for those who need and want it.

Racing ambitions

   When it comes to racing goals, the limits are endless. We are probably the team who has the greatest goals.
   We are working to win races at Isle of Man, first in Manx Grand Prix then the TT. We want to become champions in the International Road Racing Championchip (IRRC). And make equally strong results in other major road racing series and races